Senseless Mumblings

Mar 28

Anonymous said: Poop.

I know!  Right?

Nov 28

Forget Cyber Monday, Ladies. I’ll Cyber any day of the week. ;-)

Nov 19

Steve Jobs Retired: Dead
Andy Rooney Retired: Dead
I’m so nervous about Regis… #RegisFarewell

Nov 15

Who the hell knew this was still here?

Who the hell knew this was still here?  

Oct 20

RT @JustSayMehbe: I can’t help but feel that the world would be a better place if there was just one anatomically correct muppet.

RT @Rally4Sanity: Correction: If we get 100,000 people to text “Stars” to 90999 we raise $1 million for Autism Education. RT! RT like th …

Oct 19

RT @JustSayMehbe: I hate it when people ask the question “What is normal?”. Buy your own fucking dictionary…moocher.

Oct 16

RT @JustSayMehbe: I came out to my parents today. I’m not gay, I just wanted to mess with them.

Oct 15

RT @JustSayMehbe: If Christine O’Donnell is me and I masturbate profusely then Christine O’Donnell masturbates profusely. That’s what w …

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